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Ritche Classic Silicone Watch Bands

Ritche Classic Silicone Watch Bands

Instagram user @mostly_watches_edc provides their thoughts on our silicone straps. Much appreciated!

The Ritche Watch Bands Classic Silicone Watch Band is the perfect strap for a relaxing day at home or out and about around town. However, with that being said, the water proof nature of the silicone material also makes these straps an ideal option for adventures where water is something which must be considered such as exploring rivers, streams, lakes, or to be worn during a fun day at the beach.

Ritche classic silicone watch bands in blue,orange,black and grey


In a similar manner, sweat is entirely not an issue for these straps as they do not absorb any moisture and are incredibly easy to clean and care for. The process of cleaning is made even easier by Ritche Watch Band’s use of quick release spring bars in the construction of these straps which allow them to be quickly removed from your watches without the use of any tools; minimizing the risk of any potential scratches or damage to your valuable timepieces. The inclusion of the quick release spring bars is of an additional benefit when you consider all the color options available for these straps and also take into consideration all the other watch band options in the Ritche Watch Bands catalog also utilizing the quick release spring bars. For someone like myself, who changes the straps on my watches almost as frequently as I change actual watches, the ability to quickly remove and install the Classic Silicone Watch Bands allows me to effortlessly change my watch straps as I get ready for my day, or even make changes mid-day if the need or urge arises.

Overall, the comfort provided by the Ritche Watch Bands Classic Silicone Watch Bands along with the wide range of color options and the carefree nature of the silicon material makes them an ideal choice for both casual watch collectors and the strap connoisseurs!