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Best and cost-effetive sailcloth strap For Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

I was recently fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to test out some Sailcloth Watch Straps from RitcheWatchBands. I’ve been looking for an aftermarket straps to put on some of my watches since summer is quickly approaching and bracelets tend to get sticky and sweaty on my skin when it gets warm.

 Apart from changing how a watch feels on your wrist, a strap change for me at least also works to scratch the ‘new watch’ itch we as watch enthusiast get. You can see how excited I was when these straps showed up.

The straps I received were 20mm that tapers to 18mm at the buckle and came in black, grey & blue. All colors that would pair well with Samsung Galaxy Watch. I should also mention that Ritche Straps all come with a quick release mechanism which makes strap changes a hassle free 10 second affair.

The top side is made of a sturdy sailcloth material as expected while the bottom side is made of comfortable leather with a soft touch. There is decent padding(4mm) across the strap to give some substance and comfort. One thing that deserves special praise is the buckle that comes with the strap, they are brushed and feel very sturdy unlike some other brands at this price point that provide thin and flimsy buckles that you might want to change down the road.

 These Sailcloth straps are very well made and provide all day comfort while being a breeze to swap out. They will stay on my watches throughout the summer while satisfying my itch for a new watch.